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About the Firm


İstanbul Bar Association

2017: Dokuz Eylül University, Turkish Law

2016: University of Law, Master

2015: University of Bristol, English Law LLB

2011: American Robert College of Istanbul

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As the founder of Cura Legal, Mehmet Cura serves the needs of the firm's clients in all fields of law with special focus on foreign direct investment, immigration, company law and international contracts. As a former member of various international law firms and as a freelance consultant, he has garnered experience on a number of fields from establishment of companies in Turkey and abroad, international arbitration worth tens of millions of dollars, consultation of start-ups and tech companies, EU and Turkish citizenship, consultation of multinational private clients, and international contracts.

His company law and corporate governance education allows him to quickly comprehend the interests and corporate structures involved in various deals. Furthermore, the knowledge of financial system and regulation of financial markets gained during LLB and LLM allows him to quickly adapt himself to the financial and regulatory aspects of a company's business. Combined with his experience of working with local and international corporate clients, the legal advice Mehmet Cura provides is to the point, concise and comprehensible to the clients.

Mehmet Cura has so far worked on the cases of a number of foreign clients who obtained residency permit or Turkish citizenship through investment. He has also experience in the cases of clients who obtained Maltese (EU) and British citizenship by way of investment. These are also followed by establishing various types of companies in Turkey, UK, Malta and USA.

Real estate sector is also another field Mehmet Cura experienced. At a local level, he has worked on construction agreements and disputes, negotiations between contractors and sub-contractors, and rental disputes. At an international level, he has worked on contractual disputes between the owners and contractors in mega projects financed by foreign investment.

Companies accommodating the needs of multinational clients will benefit from his understanding of the impact of differing ways myriad of lawyers and courts of a wide range of jurisdictions deal with a legal matter.

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